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Opis: Many years ago, people interested in dreaming conciously used special electronic masks which helped in achieving lucid dreams. They were DreamLight and its miniaturized version the NovaDreamer. These devices were created by famous dr Stephen LaBerge, who wrote many books about lucid dreaming. Currently manufacturing of these devices is over. They were replaced by REM-Dreamer, dream device from Poland(Europe). It was an improved version of the NovaDreamer. REM-Dreamer team sold it all over the world and people wrote very good reviews of this tool.
At present, new generation of lucid dream induction devices was created. Today REM-Dreamer electronic device is no longer being manufactured, because it was replaced by more advanced and improved device called the SmartLucider. It was created by the same team of software engineers and producers, which stands for success of REM-Dreamer.